Concerned Citizens of Southeast Polk School District is a non-profit group that has formed to oppose the location of the proposed industrial warehouse.  This site is dedicated to providing the facts about the project and what you can do to help support the cause to Move the Warehouse.

Great Information on TIF Financing:
This editorial was published in the Altoona Herald 8/8/2013. It is a very informative read on the impact of TIF financing on you.  CLICK HERE


What we can do:

1.Donate - We are raising money to file legal challenges that could move the proposed warehouse away from our schools.  S.E. Polk parents have given $25-$1000 to help the cause.  What can you give to keep your kids safe and ensure the area surrounding the schools does not transform into an industrial zone.
2. Yard signs, t-shirts, and wrist bands:   Visit the Order Form to purchase and show your support.  All proceeds go to the legal fund.
3.Contact your city council member – When the safety of our schools is at stake, all communities are affected.  This is exactly the local issue your council member needs to hear about.  Please see the Contacts page for more information
4. Tell 5 friends - Spread the word.  We need to continue to get the information out so our community is aware and can have a voice.  Our group is getting larger but most people still have not heard about the proposed industrial warehouse.
5. Visit the Facebook PageThis page is constantly updated with the latest news and has an ongoing dialogue among S.E. Polk parents about this important issue.

Top 5 Reasons to Move the Warehouse:

1. BROKEN PROMSE. Pleasant Hill’s long term planning and land use documents all banned industrial zoning when SEP built its high school in what Pleasant Hill said would be a “community in a garden”. Pleasant Hill should keep its promise to SEP.

2. SEMI FATALITIES. According to Iowa DOT statistics, semis cause twice as many fatalities per mile as cars. The warehouse would bring thousands of new semis through our the intersection with SEP’s main campus entrance every day. Intentionally mixing this dramatically increased level of semi traffic with inexperienced student drivers will have catastrophic impacts.

3. TRUCKING DISTRICT. The first phase of the warehouse, taken alone, would be the largest of its kind in Iowa (nearly the size of Jordan Creek), with room to double in size. This scale of development attracts more warehouses, trucks stops, and “lumpers” (day laborers loitering for physical labor), along with a host of other unintended consequences.

4. POLLUTION.  Semis pollute 25x as much harmful pollutants per mile as cars. What’s worse is that semis at warehouses typically idle for hours on end. According to the EPA, this kind of pollution statistically increases the rates of asthmatic reactions in children in nearby schools.

5. CHARACTER.  Southeast Polk High School has been in the same location for 50 years as a central location for the district’s various communities. The character of the area has always been rural, clean, and attractive. The school and the character of the area are now resources that draw families and businesses into the district. Pleasant Hill has a duty to preserve the integrity of the area by only permitting residential and light commercial development as it originally promised.

What are we giving up?

Community in a Garden

This is a picture from the 2006 Highway 163 corridor study.  Below is the recommendation from that document:

Between 70th Street and 80th Street…East of the town center, around 75th Street we are recommending a high amenity office development (office park or business campus) surrounded by large greenways. This area should be used to attract high technology or financial oriented businesses, a community need that was mentioned during the focus group meetings.
This office use would provide a good buffer between the high intensity commercial town center and the new high school site to the east. There is an existing small pond that should also be expanded that would function both as a retention pond for the several creeks that flow into this area, but also as a water feature for the office park development. Ideally the buildings should be clustered around and face the pond, and have the parking located in between the office buildings.

Did you know that:

  • Altoona and Pleasant Hill reached an agreement in 2005 that the land around our school should be residential and commercial, not industrial
  • Altoona sued Pleasant Hill this past spring to enforce its agreement, only to mysteriously drop the suit just weeks later
  • Altoona still can — and should — refile the lawsuit to keep Pleasant Hill to its word and protect the interests of the city, its citizens, and S.E. Polk schools

Our S.E. Polk schools and our students are Altoona’s most valuable resources.  The trucking warehouse will jeopardize the character of our schools’ surrounding area and the safety of our kids.


Email: info@citizensforsep.org
Facebook: Keep Our SEP Kids Safe
Twitter: @KeepSEPkidsSafe